Scopri gli assaggiatori di Foodaloo


Have you ever thought you could talk, interact and compare with a trusted person before
to make a purchase? Thanks to Foodaloo tasters all this is possible.

Ours is a team, a team of people who, "armed" with a fork and knife, travels around Italy in constant search of
excellences to review. Not just sommeliers, chefs or catering professionals, but loving people
good food and conviviality

In the tales of the tasters there are discoveries born during travels or encounters that happened by pure chance but destined to
leave the mark. In their experiences there is the genuineness of those who want to share the passion for food made in Italy.

Delio assaggiaotre foodaloo con lingue


Born into a family of restaurateurs, he lives the "Kitchen" and the "Table" as tools of care and hospitality for ...
Sara Assaggiatrice Foodaloo


Food technologist, demanding and hyper-critical but with a heart (and stomach) of gold. Always a passionate food taster, from the most ...
Roberto Assaggiatore Foodaloo


There is no better saying for him than "we are what we eat" and Roberto loves home food, the ...
Filippo Assaggiatore Foodaloo


Filippo is a great lover of food and wine, he is a FISAR sommelier and an expert ONAF cheese and AICOO oil taster.
Tunia Assaggiatore Foodaloo


Getting together at the table for the pure pleasure of sharing. Tunia's love for food starts from afar and ...
Simona Assaggiatore Foodaloo


Leaving, traveling, pursuing authenticity at all times. Simona's for food and wine is a real vocation capable of ...
Marcello Assaggiatore Foodaloo


Just think about the goal and the satisfaction you will feel when you reach it. For Marcello, the pursuit of quality is combined ...
Gianluca assaggiatoe foodaloo con lingue


Combining Tuscan flair with German rigor. Gianluca grew up on bread and blender, with an innate passion for sweets, ...
Anna Assaggiatrice Foodaloo con lingue


A 19-year journey, an experience that has left its mark. It is on the return that Anna's love for her ...